Yoga as Comodity: Dispiritualization of Yoga Industry

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In this episode we explored YogaGlo controversy in Yoga community, the benefits of learning directly from a teacher, Tai Chi roots and history (Bodhidharma and Lao Tzu), and importance of daily meditation practice.

Yoga YogaGlo Contoversy

  • YogaGlo files Patent application to patent its style and method of filming yoga classes for online use
  • YogaGlo sent a cease and desist order to Yoga International
  • Yoga as Comodity
  • Dispiritualization of Yoga Industry
  • Yoga Alliance creates a petition for YogaGlo to withdraw the patent

The Benefits of Learning Directly From a Teacher

  • The difference between¬†learning from a teacher in person and the variety of ways you might learn given the space and time between you and the teaching

Tai Chi Roots

Strong Daily Meditative Practice for Yoga Teachers

  • The importance of having a strong daily meditative practice, particularly for teachers of internal/spiritual practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi, or any form of meditation

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