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Zen Mystery is offering a work study program from September to December 2014 for people who want to trade their time for knowledge in three different program tracks:

  1. Business Track: Learn how to manage your own spiritual or conscious business. This track is perfect for people who want to take a leap of faith and find a way to earn a living doing what they were meant to do.
  2. Yoga Track: Deepen your practice beyond asanas, learning more about the yogic lifestyle and benefits of a customized practice. This track is great for advanced students, recent graduated of yoga programs, and students seeking a unique practice.
  3. Integral Lifestyle Track: In this tack, students learn a complete approach to finding who they are, their passion, and everything in between that can help them grow in their new path. This track is for beginners of any path.

Volunteers in all tracks will work at Zen Mystery 10 hours a week for three months. Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Helping in daily tasks at Zen Mystery
  • Working special events and tea house hours
  • Checking in students for classes and workshops
  • Promoting events and classes

[table colwidth=”30|100|100|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
Benefits,Description,Business Track,Yoga Track,Integral Lifestyle
One-on-One Mentoring,Weekly private sessions with Lina or Denis going over the different topics on the syllabus for each track,1 hours/week,2 hours/week,2 hours/week
Classes,Take required classes offered at ZM depending on your track,2 per week,3 per week,3 per week
Reading/Reports,Read the required reading and write a report for each book,TBD,TBD,TBD
Work hours, ,10 hrs/week,10 hrs/week,10 hrs/week
Internship Length, At the end of this period you will be given a written exam to take home and fill out,3 months,3 months,3 months
Program Topics,General syllabus topics discusses in one on one sessions,Business Plans Marketing Strategies Location & licenses Other customized questions,Yoga Philosophy Yoga history Energy & chakras Meditation Yogic diet lifestyle,In this track we will cover all 9 areas of a integral lifestyle: Body Mind Spirit Shadow Ethics Work (career) Relationship Creativity Soul
Who is this for?, ,A person who is interested in opening their own conscious business one day,Students of yoga recent yoga teacher graduates who want to practice what they learned and deepen their studies before teaching,Beginners. A person who knows they need to start making changes to their current lifestyle and don’t know where to start


We are currently not accepting applications. Next program date will be release in January 2015.

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