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white tea

When you hear about all of the different types of teas that are out there, from green to red, based on the name, you may think white tea is boring or tasteless in comparison. This could not be further from the truth. White tea is actually derived from the silvery-white hairs on the unopened buds of a tea plant. This is where its whitish appearance comes from. When you drink white tea, it is actually a pale yellow color.

A Special Kind of Tea

White tea is a type of tea which doesn’t require panning, rolling or shaking, so it is the least processed form. This is what gives it the most nutrients, compared to other teas. The brew of white tea is light and delicate. The sweet taste is sharp but not overwhelming. The amount of caffeine in white tea is also smaller in comparison to other teas and much smaller compared to coffee.

Slim Pickings

White tea is handpicked, requiring great care and effort to produce. Because it can only be picked at certain times in the year, it is more precious. Climate, altitude and soil all come into play here and must be right for the best pickings! There are four main varieties of white tea which include Silver Needle, White Peony, Long Life Eyebrow, and Tribute Eyebrow.

Health Clarity

White tea contains high levels of catechins. Some of these have been said to reduce the occurrence of atherosclerotic plaques and also the severity of strokes. In addition, they have been found to reduce cholesterol, decrease blood pressure and improve blood vessel function. White tea has also been known as the tea with the most antioxidants. Findings from one study even show that white tea helps skin cells by boosting immune systems when exposed to harmful UV radiation! As you can see, there have been many positives found with this type of tea.

Many people add fruit to their white tea to sweeten it up and add more flavor. There are many varieties and combinations you can try to make your own perfect mix!

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By Lauren Grossberg

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