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This is a question many people are asking now. What is Meditation? and How is it different from praying? Does meditation conflict with our religious preferences? We are in an era where everyone is talking meditation! From 50cent to Deepak Chopra!

The Difference Between Meditation and Prayer

Meditation is “a simple mental technique to go to the source of thought.” Prayer on the other hand is a way to communicate to that higher power, whether you call it God or not. In prayer, we speak to God and in meditation Spirit talks to us.

Religion and Meditation

Meditation has been a part of every spiritual tradition in the world. Breathing meditations and mantra meditations have also been found in every religious tradition. I personally was raised catholic and while in school, whenever it was time for church, I used that time as part of my meditation practice.

Meditation can be helpful and there are many types of meditations that you can get started with. Guided Meditation is my favorite because it allows me to complete quiet the mind and go deep within myself.

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