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Greetings Sweet Souls,

In light of a slow summer season in Florida, we will be having several Summer Sales in June and July. So if you are in a place to support us and help us stay open, please take advantage of these discounts (10-50% OFF) and visit us!

We appreciate any help you send our way. So even if you are not able to afford any of these deals, please share this with someone or somewhere (Facebook, Twitter, meetup, etc) and help us get the word out.

And if you don’t see you this summer, stay cool and hydrated!!!


New Age Store Summer Sales

Summer Sales at Zen Mystery

We will be having a weekly sale as well as some items that will be on sales all June and July.  Here are the items on sale this summer:

All summer – SoulFlower Hoodies 50% OFF, MentalBlox 50% OFF, Pillow Covers 50% OFF, Furniture 20% OFF
Week of June 2nd – Tree of India Aromatherapy 40% OFF, Traveling Buddhas 30% OFF
Week of June 9th – Alkavision SuperFood Powder 20% OFF
Week of June 16th – Tea Pots & cups and bowls 50% OFF
Week of June 23rd – SoulFlower Women’s V neck T-shirts 15% OFF
Week of June 30th – All Books 10% OFF
Week of July 7th – Crystal Charms 40% OFF, Crystal Spheres 30% OFF
Week of July 14th – Pendulums 20% OFF
Week of July 21st – Bamboo Mats 30% OFF
Week of July 28th – All Malas 15% OFF

You don’t have to wait for each week if you want to purchase an item from a future week, not from past weeks. For example, if you come this week, you can get anything on this list. But if you come next week, you can only get items on sale from June 9th forward. Just let us know when you come to receive the discount, as long as we have them in stock. There are some restrictions as well here:

Summer sale prices are limited to stock available in store during June and July. Cannot be combined with other offers, discounts, credits, or trading value. All sales are final, no returns or exchanges for these items.

Summer Class Discounts

Buy 10 classes for $100! Yes, $10 per class is a deal! So here is the catch:

  • Only one per student, per month until promotion ends. So say you buy one today, you use it before the end of the month. Then you can buy another one in July, use it up that month, and get one for August and use it before the promotion expires in 8/31. Imagine that! Yoga, bellydance, meditation, and qigong for three months! Sounds like a fun summer to me!!!
  • Cannot be shared. All other regular-price cards can still be shared, just not this promotion. It just means you have to convince all your friends to come with you and buy their own!
  • Must be activated by August 1, 2014. Since it’s a summer sale, you must activate it by this date in order to take advantage of the promotional value because it will expire on August 31st, 2014. We cannot extend the expiration date and before you buy, please make sure you will be able to attend all your 10 classes before it expires. If you have a current card, please note that the expiration on that card cannot be changed.
  • Cannot be combined with other offers, credits, trade value, or discounts. Since we trade with many of you, we cannot exchange this sale-card for any other items. If you have a credit with us, we cannot exchange it for this deal.
  • Can be used for all classes including classes by donation. 
  • No refunds or exchanges on this card. Since the idea is to survive this summer and keep our current teachers happy and away from the streets of Dania (or worse!), we cannot refund or exchange the value of this card.

[button link=”/product/summer-sale-10-classes/” type=”big” color=”orange”] Buy this deal (10 classes for $100) here >>>[/button]

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