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Zen Mystery's Services

We offer a wide variety of holistic and wellness services in the South Florida area including Clearing Clutter, private yoga classes, food shopping classes, and more!

Private Yoga Classes

1 person – 60 min Yoga instruction: $72.
1 person – 90 min Yoga instruction: $108.


Numerology Readings

In ancient times numbers carried a significance far beyond the simple use of counting. Mystery schools dedicated to teaching profound philosophical and psychological truths used numbers to convey their findings. These truths also happened to make it into what we today know as the Tarot.

1 person – $72.


Sacred Space Clearing & Feng Shui

Tired of having a cluttered home or office? Not sure where to start? We can help you achieve your goals for a healthier uncluttered sacred space and home environment. We will guide you thru the process of getting rid of bad habits and starting new healthy ones.

On-Site Clearing Clutter Consultation*

Space Evaluation, First Consultation: 45 mins $72.

Hourly Rate after first consultation: $90.

New Beginnings Package: 2.5 hrs $225.

Bagua Drawing/Design: $45 per drawing.


Food Shopping Classes*

Not sure what to buy now that you have transitioned to a new healthy lifestyle? We can help you navigate the aisles at your local health food store and teach you how to shop. Or if you have never been to a local organic farmer’s market and don’t even have a clue where to start? we can take you and help you!

First class: 2 hour minimum $171.

Each additional hour: $90/hr.


Water Filter & Ionizer Consulting*

We can help you find the right water filter or ionizer for your home and office. We can order the filters and ionizers for you. We do not install them, but can guide you to videos to do it yourself or recommend someone to help you install it.

House Visit: $72/hr

Appointment at Zen Mystery: $63/hr


*Prices for Broward and Dade County. For other counties or outside Florida, please contact us by phone or email.

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