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We are proud to be hosting the amazing Maori Healers at Zen Mystery!

Maoris in Zen Mystery



This highly distinguished, world traveling group of indigenous Maori Healers is led by Atarangi Muru. Maori have a strong affinity and connection with the earth, sky & sea. The whakapapa (genealogy) of Maori people shows just how close the relationship is. The connection Maori have between people and place is one that many cultures have struggled to hold on to and as a result there has been a shift to re-discover and seek out pathways to rebuild that long lost relationship.

Maori healing theories and practices are used to enhance your health and embrace your holistic wellbeing. They facilitate the discovery and mastery of oneness with the entire universe. Te Oomai Reia is an ancient clearing work used to release energies and cellular memories from the body. They focus on the value of the ‘Tohunga’ (the healer within) to shape and develop new values for their work. These ancient practices clear, release and re-energise one’s entire being combining Deep Tissue and Energy Bodywork. They work on the physical and emotional body.

Many have found these sessions to mark the beginning of a new life emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Some have made life changing shifts within just one session.

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