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Zen Mystery offers an integral  curriculum that includes nine greater areas of study.

Zen Mystery Meditation Center

As we expand Zen Mystery, we will be able to offer more classes and workshops is all nine tracks. We will begin offering classes from the Core Practice, and in the future add classes from the other five additional tracks.

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Zen Mystery’s Core Practice Curriculum

  • Body: will include Tai Chi, Belly Dance, Yoga, Nutrition, and Dance Classes as well as Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Services
  • Mind: will include Integral Theory, Comparative Religion, Yoga Theory, and Spiritual Nutrition classes
  • Spirit: will cover Meditation, Kirtan (Devotional Yoga), and Free Community Gatherings
  • Shadow: will offer Dream work, Journaling, Psychotherapy, and Art, Music & Dance Therapy services

Additional Practice Curriculum

  • Ethics (Integrity): will cover Social Activism, Environment Classes, Organic Gardening, and Volunteering in the Community Programs
  • Work: will offer Time Management, Financial Intelligence, Conscious Internet Marketing, and Social Media classes
  • Relationships: will include Conscious Commitment, Family Coaching and other Classes for families (group classes), Conscious Parenting, and Intimacy Workshops
  • Creativity: will offer Creative Writing, Art Workshops, Dancing Yoga, and Creative Raw Food Classes
  • Soul (finding your purpose): will include Intuition Workshops, Living Your Purpose Classes, Creating Sacred Space Consulting, and Energy Work Services

We are excited to bring Tai Chi, Belly Dance, Yoga and Meditation to Fort Lauderdale area!

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