Holiday Gift Ideas for a Healthy Spirit

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Wondering what holiday gift to get for a loved one that will benefit them at a deepest level imaginable? At Zen Mystery we choose every item for our center after careful examination. Everything is here for a reason. We stand behind every little detail.

See the list below for our holiday gift ideas for a healthy spirit:

Spiritual Books

Grant the ones you love with the gift of knowledge!! We have a large variety of books, including spiritual texts, nutritional books, yoga, Enneagram and many more. Our collection is sure to open the mind in more ways than one.


A collector or not, everyone loves crystals. Each with a different meaning, there is literally a crystal for everyone. We have an assortment of crystals here at Zen Mystery, tailored to meet any message or healing property you may need or one you know would benefit a friend.


Space clearing is a practice that has been used for years and years. The purpose of smudging is to release the particular area (office, household, etc.) of any emotional baggage, renewing the energy by removing stagnant energy, and opening the kind and heart. This is a great gift for anyone because everyone will benefit from the practice.

Meditation Pillows

Do you know someone into yoga or meditation? Know someone wanting to calm their mind and come into focus? Well meditation pillow is an excellent gift for them! One very common complaint people have about meditating is the inability to sit still. Sitting on this pillow will keep the hips and back aligned comfortably so that the person meditating will have one less thing to be focused on!

Stay healthy this holiday season with these holiday gift ideas for a healthy spirit!

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