Holiday Gift Ideas for a Healthy Body

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Holiday Gift Ideas for a Healthy Body

At Zen Mystery we take our health seriously. We are not perfect but we try 🙂 After researching madly we only suggest what we try ourselves for a long time. Here are the 3 must have items to stay healthy during holidays which could make an amazing holiday gift for a healthy body.

Raw Protein Powder

Protein powder isn’t just for those with an active lifestyle! Raw Hemp Protein powder can be used as a meal or snack depending on how it’s prepared! Rich in fatty acids and essential nutrients, raw protein powder is a great substitute for other powders like Whey or Soy. If you are new to Hemp Protein, try the vanilla!! It’s delicious and tastes great added to your favorite milk or a smoothie!

Hemp Oil and Coconut Oil

Did you know that a lot of us are deficient in our Omega 3’s? By using HEALTHY oils daily, whether it is in your salad or you are cooking with it, you are feeding your body healthy fats which protect you from immune diseases and nourishes every cell membrane in our bodies.

Organic Teas

Unlike most teas out in the market, our wide variety of teas are all completely organic, meaning they are free from herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides. Our variety includes herbals tea, green tea, black tea, matcha and more. Tea includes many benefits depending on what you need it for – for example, is you are feeling a sore throat coming on we have 5th Chakra tea, loaded with licorice root and ginger. Or maybe you are looking for something to take the place of coffee. We have a tea called Herbal Coffee that looks and tastes just like the coffee you love, without added caffeine.

Body/Massage Oil

Many of us get so caught up in daily routine that we forget to take time for ourselves. If someone comes to mind when you read this, chances are they probably need some self-pampering! Massage and body oils are great for everyone because they can be used everyday to give the skin some moisture, and can also be used to massage themselves or a loved one.

Organic Clothing

Who doesn’t love their clothing to be comfortable, breathable, organically made AND from the U.S.? With beautiful screen printed shirts for men and women, yoga pants, leggings, sports bras, and skirts you are sure to find something for anyone on your gift list!

Tea Pots

Who doesn’t love a beautiful antique tea pot? Our teapots make great decor pieces but are also fully functioning. Most of then even come with matching cups.

Stay healthy this holiday season with these holiday gift ideas for a healthy body!

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