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The Yin and Yang of Self Defense – Beginners Introduction

08/05/2017 @ 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Saturday, August 5th at Zen Mystery in Dania Beach, FL

Tai Chi Fundamentals Afternoon Intensive:

The Yin and Yang of Self Defense – Beginners Introduction


Intensive Schedule


2pm- 3:30pm              Introduction, Qi Gong Warm Up, Wuji Meditation,  the 5 Essentials and 8 Forces


4:30pm – 6pm             Applying the Essentials and Forces: Opening and the essentials and forces at full speed


* Participants will have available to them additional video and reading materials provided online.
Few know that the first martial art Bruce Lee ever learned was the art of Tai Chi from his father, Lee Hoi Cheun and that it was this training which arguably formed the foundation of much of his “Be like water” philosophical approach to life and the martial arts. Those who know the art’s history are aware that Tai Chi’s ability to cultivate internal harmony and catalyze the body’s self-healing properties was also famously used as a means of self-defense on the battlefield’s of ancient China. The healing meditative movements used to refine the body’s neurological capabilities when cultivated properly, at full speed, bloom into a devastatingly efficient arsenal of martial arts skills and abilities. Although they can take a life-time to perfect, even the basics of the practical martial arts applications can help beginners gain a vastly useful perspective on how to train more effectively to nurture both a sense of internal and external harmony.

Martial Treasures Hidden in the Open

The popular understanding of Tai Chi in the west has gone through a gradual but remarkable shift in the past 20 years. When I was beginning to learn Tai Chi, it was mostly considered an interesting form of movement meditation and perhaps an exotic way of maintaining some measure of aerobic health in old age. Some who became intrigued could find a good book or even a video with which to start learning some of the forms and begin experiencing the basic essence of the art’s qualities as a movement meditation. If one was very lucky one could also find good teachers and find oneself directly experiencing the art’s famously remarkable healing properties. What most are unaware of is that to truly become acquainted with the some of the deepest healing aspects of the art one must also come to understand it’s inseparable relationship to the art’s equally but lesser known (and mostly misunderstood) effective qualities as a martial art. When learned this begins to form the full spectrum of the treasures the art makes available to those with the patience and dedication to uncover and cultivate what the study of such ancient arts have in store for us.

This intensive divided into two 1 1/2 hour sessions will introduce students to the basics of Tai Chi philosophy as it pertains to its vastly misunderstood approach to self defense, preventing physical confrontation, and when necessary putting an end to confrontations in whatever way the individual confrontation itself calls for. This may include a skilled defense in the form of a powerful embodiment of Yin (subtle power) and or an unexpectedly devastating embodiment of Yang (overt power). The Intensive is designed for beginners with no experience of Tai Chi and or those knowledgeable in forms but little to no exposure to their martial art applications.

Space is limited to 18 Students for the August 5th Intensive so please register early

$81 Early Registration – (Before July 30th)

Register on Emerald Med Arts >>>


2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Zen Mystery
56 N Federal Hwy
Dania Beach, FL 33004 United States
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