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Initiation into Sacred Movement

05/06/2017 @ 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Initiation into the Fundamentals of Sacred Movement

A secret western Qi Gong tradition


Intensive Schedule

Saturday May 6th 

10am – 12pm:  A secret tradition and stories of power

Break for Lunch

2pm – 4pm:   Instruction on the inner and outer workings of preparing, organizing and clearing energy

Break for Dinner

6pm – 7pm:  Instruction on the inner and outer workings of raising, directing, and harmonizing energy

Sunday May 7th  

–  Sunrise group practice on the beach (optional)

–  Sunset group practice on the beach and celebration Intensive’s conclusion

* Participants will have available to them additional video and reading materials provided online as well as weekly gatherings for practice and study in the months that follow

After 20 years of having been a student of physicist, mystic, and shaman Juan Leal – Meditation teacher and film-maker Carlos Londoño Arango (aka Ken Gurin) is officially beginning to pass on the teachings of Juan Leal as they were passed down to him and which have infused his own teaching of Tai Chi and Qi Gong for over 14 years.

The Sacred Movement tradition finally being shared in this intensive is composed of sets of movements that had become a secret aspect of mystery schools forced into secrecy by factions of the Catholic Church in the West during various Inquisitorial Campaigns to rid communities of a means of practicing and accessing traditional forms of self-healing on either a physical level or psychological level at a time when such practices were considered to compete with and erode the Church and therefore the State’s attempt to eventually seize complete authority over the lives of the people who lived under the Church’s dominion. Some of these techniques found themselves safe among monastic orders and or secret communities whose members at the time risked persecution or death for acknowledging any knowledge of the practice of the old methods.

In Asia and the East as well as in the America’s traditions like these could be practiced in the open and its practitioners along with knowledge of plant medicines and a multitude of healing techniques were seen in their proper light as simple healing modalities and methods of connecting to a deeper wisdom of the body and mind. Today modern science has begun to find remarkable validity to some of the oldest healing practices that have managed to either remain intact through certain lineages or have been revived after having been almost lost to history. Some of these like Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Qi Gong, Mindfulness Meditation, and Tai Chi have gone from becoming merely foreign cultural curiosities to being a part of many people’s everyday lives in the West and have been found to have remarkably sophisticated methods of preventing age related diseases and helping foster powerfully resilient levels of health throughout the nervous system and promote general well being.

The series of Sacred movements shared in this tradition form a part of an ancient lineage passed down from teacher to student and whose original origins have been lost in time. Juan mentioned during his life that they were related to the same mystery traditions at the heart of the teachings of the famed mystic and teacher George Gurdjieff and may even have ties to the Naqshbandi Sufi order.

Similarly to Gurdjieff, Juan echoed much the same view on the common diffuculty we all have in developing a steady and healthy awareness of ourselves and to rid ourselves of the power of subconscious memories over us and their ability to perpetuate self-defeating and self destructive habits. He pointed to our untapped hidden potential to heal ourselves both physically and mentally and that we, for the most part remain asleep our entire lives – being born to brief moments of lucidity only to slowly sink back into the void at the end of our lives, barely able to embody the briefest of flickers of our potential or understanding of the extraordinary gifts we were given. That being said, some of us occasionally stumble onto a path to accessing that deeper potential – we intuit that there is a way for the sleeper in us to awaken. This intensive provides an introduction to one of these paths.

Like many of you, current events have alerted Carlos to the need to recommit himself to his own work to do his part to help people to reconnect to what helps them come alive. This includes rededicating himself as a film-maker to telling stories that inspire but in the most immediate sense it means fully embracing his responsibility to share this tradition that has lead him to not only personally witness extraordinary moments of self healing both physically and psychologically, but to tap into levels of awareness that have unlocked deep states of flow and accessed peak performance experiences. The world is deeply in need of healers, artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries that have access to their fullest potential to create peaceful sustainable heart swelling and hope fostering changes in their communities and the world at large.
There is a thread from the heart to the lips where the secret of life is woven.
Words tear the thread, but in silence the secrets speak.
~ Rumi

If this intensive calls to you and you decide to join us, know that like every meditative or movement practice, the focus and commitment to study oneself brings a corresponding and reciprocal experiece of positive results. Learning about such things does very little. Collecting books on these subjects may do even less. Only engaging in doing real work produces results – if you do the work, the results will soon begin to speak for themselves. These results include a profound increase in a sense of well-being, heightened abilities to focus, improvements in general levels of physical health that are not limited to but include improved reaction time, balance, bone density, immune system response, and the resolution of persistent and ongoing unconscious negative psychological patterns and or the disappearance of chronic pain are not uncommon.***

For more information – Please join Carlos for a brief introduction to the subject of Sacred Movement and movement based healing traditions on Saturday March 25th and Saturday April 22nd at 7pm at Zen Mystery in Dania

Space is limited to 12 Students per Intensive so please register early

$108 Early Registration – before April 23rd

$162 Registration April 23rd – May 6th

Follow the link below to register:



10:00 am - 7:00 pm
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Zen Mystery
56 N Federal Hwy
Dania Beach, FL 33004 United States
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