Discovering Spirituality and Health in the Era of Convenience

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In the episode 8 we discover how to survive and thrive in the era of convenience spiritually and physically. We also discuss Conscious Art. How can meditation influence your art?

Discovering and Nurturing your Spiritual and Health Journey

  • What’s good for you is not what is convenient
  • Spirituality vs Convenience
  • Plan ahead
  • Find your support group
  • Finding a healthy meal anywhere in the world

Conscious Art

  • Graffiti artist Banksy takes over the streets of NY all October. Conversations about the function of conscious art and what it can do you wake people up out of their usual internal dialogue and expand our sense of reality and our part in the world around us.
  • Zen Story about Conscious Art
  • How can meditation and spiritual practice change your art

An Exploration of  Meditative Awareness

  • An exploration of what meditative awareness is truly about. The emphasis in the practice of meditation is not so much on abstract goal of quieting the mind but on a very concrete process of parting the veil of our thoughts and experiencing life as it is rather than how we’d prefer or fear it to be.

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