5 Types of Meditation to Help You on Your Spiritual Path

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Whether a beginner or advanced mediation practitioner, we are all students and teachers in this path. Like much else in the world, there are meditation techniques that can work for us or not. Either way, it’s good to be familiar with other types of meditation until we find what works for us best.

Guided Meditation

In Guided Meditation, someone will walk you thru visualization and basically direct you during the meditation. Guided meditation works for me the best, whether is chanting or simply visualizing the words I hear. I’m able to work on different aspects of my life, relax, and quiet my mind. You can design your own guided meditation and record it and play back to yourself. Guided meditation is great for beginners and anyone getting started in their spiritual path. And since it’s one of my favorite techniques, I enjoy teaching Shamanic Guided Journey Meditation where we are able to explore deeper and teach the mind to relax.

Dynamic Meditation

I know people who have no problem with quieting their mind, but they may not be able to relax their bodies to stay still. Those of us who in yoga, are not holding still the poses, not being able to sit for a long period of times and not because it hurts the body but because it’s simply too hard to stay put. People who enjoy  being busy and physical work may have a hard time sitting/laying still for meditation. They may benefit from dynamic meditation and Kundalini Yoga, where the body is moving while meditating. For those that find anxiety in not moving, dynamic meditation would work best.

Mantra Meditation

Mantras are words that are said during your meditation practice to help you stay focus. These sacred words connect you with spirit and inspire you. Choose a mantra and repeat it. You can choose a mantra from your yoga practice and repeat that. Bhakti Yoga, which is devotional yoga, is a way of chanting mantras in a call-and-response way also known as Kirtan. Attending Kirtan is a way of mantra meditation and even movement meditation if you dance. Mantra mediation and Kirtan work for me because it quiets my mind and calms me. Many yoga studios offer Kirtan in addition to meditation and yoga classes, but if you are unable to find Kirtan in your area, simply play a few Kirtan CDs and sing along. Sirius XM recently launched Krishna Das radio, so if you have Sirius in your car, you can chant while driving!

Tonglen Meditation

In Tibetan language it means “giving and taking”. So we practice the Art of Giving and Taking.  During this practice we learn how to heal ourselves and the world. During this meditation we visualize taking suffering of others on the inhale and sending them love and kindness on the exhale. One of the hardest practices to start since it requires to go beyond our selfish desires.

Vipassana Meditation

The crown jewel of all meditations, Vipassana mediation brought brought the most enlightened masters to us.  The word Vipassana means insight into our true nature. It is the most simple meditation that is known to man. It is said that Buddha became enlightened through Vipassana. We watch our breath at the nostrils or at the belly. Very simple. Nothing to do just observing our breath.

Meditation comes in different forms. Finding the right type of meditation and creating a daily routine will help you grow in your spiritual path. Check our meditation and kirtan schedule here.

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