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If you are a tea lover or just learning about tea, come join us in our tea lounge at the heart of Dania Beach, FL!

1 Mile South of Fort Lauderdale Airport

We offer different varieties of teas, gluten free – vegan and raw vegan pastries, and vegan and raw foods for those on the go.

Tea Lounge in Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood / Dania Beach!

20 Organic Loose Leaf Teas


Zen Mystery Tea Lounge in Dania Beach

We offer the following organic teas served in tea pots from different parts of the world:

Zen Mystery Blend: Our own house blend, a true world blend – green rooibos, tulsi holy basil, and mint tea, perfect to go along with our gluten free vegan desserts!

Green: The most popular tea now because its antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. It contains some caffeine.

Black: Made from fermented tea leaves from the Camellia plant and has the highest amount of caffeine.

White: Made from uncured and unfermented tea leaves from the Camellia plant and it contains the least amount of caffeine.

Red or Rooibos: A herbal tea made from red bush, it contains a high amount of vitamins and no caffeine.

Herbal: it comes from various herbs such as peppermint, basil, chamomile and other organic herbs and flowers.

Oolong: Most common in China and Chinese restaurants, it’s semi-fermented and contains a very small amount of caffeine.

Pu-erh: This is a black tea that comes from aged, fermented tea leaves.


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Zen Mystery

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Our Hours: Wed 12-4pm, Thu-Sat 7-11pm. Please see our calendar for more details.

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