Raw Vegan Cafe in Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood / Dania Beach

Our dishes are always organic, vegan and gluten-free, prepared on site daily.

Raw Vegan Cafe in Fort Lauderdale Area

1 mile South of Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL)

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Zen Sandwich

Raw Food Menu for Summer


Raw Vegan Pate & Fresh Veggies  10

Choice of our two delicious raw pates served with an assortment of dippable fresh veggies

  • Save the Tuna: seafood inspired yet fish free, enjoy the health benefits of dulse and crunch of celery and onions with this sunflower based spread
  • Sundried Tomato:  sunflower seed, savory and creamy with a touch of bell pepper and cumin

Hummus & Fresh Veggies 7

A smooth blend of slow steamed sprouted garbanzo beans lightly seasoned with spices and paired with crisp and fresh veggies for dipping



Trans Siberian Salad 5

Quartered juicy tomatoes, flavorful red onions and fresh cilantro marinated in zesty lemon juice. A flavor packed dish inspired by a trip to Russia

Zen Salad 5

Thin sliced cucumbers, colorful radishes and fresh dill marinated in lemon juice. A cooling and refreshing choice of deliciousness

Green Tara Salad 6

Simple and colorful, a bowl of mixed baby greens, shredded carrots, purple cabbage and juicy tomatoes complimented with our house dressing

Big “D” Salad 16

Enjoy a bowl of fresh mixed greens topped with your choice of three items complimented with a side of our house dressing. A great choice to satisfy your inner hunger while maintaining a sense of lightness Chose three: Save the Tuna Pate, Sundried Tomato Pate, Cooked Hummus, Trans-Siberian Salad, Zen Salad, Pad Thai


Donation Bowl

Ask about our current dish Your choices make a difference! All profits from this dish will be donated to our fellow friends & farmers at TreeHugger Organic Farms located in Davie where they are hard at work growing food and planting strong roots. Build community and nourish your heart! Price is based on a sliding scale donation system suggested between 5 – 9$

Live Pad Thai 12/16

A guilt-free version of an old time favorite. A mix of raw almond butter sauce and veggies intermingled with a heaping serving of kelp noodles

Live Zen Sandwich 12

Your choice of pate tops gourmet mouthwatering live onion bread. Dressed with lettuce, tomato, avocado, cucumber and sliced bell peppers. Served open face and sprinkled with sesame seeds

Humma-Guaca Sandwich 14

Holy guacamole, your favorite sandwich just got better! Served same as the Live Zen Sandwich just with a twist! Switch out the pate choice for our house made hummus & fork-crushed guacamole

Bento Box 16

Bento Box Sharing with company or simply can’t decide? A fantastic choice of a combination plate of five delicious choices in sharable portions

Vegan Sushi Menu

All rolls are served sprinkled with sesame seeds and a side of low sodium gluten-free soy sauce, raw pickled ginger, and spicy wasabi

Zen Roll 7

Craving cool green & light? Bite sized sushi rolls rolled with romaine greens, avocado and sliced cucumber

Save-The-Tuna Roll 10

A roll for all you lovers of Save the Tuna Pate. Lovingly rolled into sushi rolls stuffed with rainbow veggies including cucumber, bell pepper, carrots, purple cabbage and mixed baby greens

Sunny Roll 10

Another classic favorite pate, sun-dried tomato, morphed into a sushi roll! Packed full of crisp veggies including cucumber, bell pepper, carrots, purple cabbage and fresh mixed baby greens

Make-Your-Own Roll 12

Build Your Own Roll – You choose, we build. Rolled to perfection with mixed baby greens and sliced avocado SPREADS (pick one): Sundried Tomato Pate, Save the Tuna Pate, Creamy House Hummus VEGGIES (pick three): Cucumber, Carrots , Purple Cabbage, Bell Peppers, Celery, Onions, Scallions, Tomatoes.


Avocado 2 Pate 4 Hummus 4 Hemp Oil 4 Hemp Seeds 2 Raw Olives 4 Extra House-Dressing 2 Live Onion Bread  2/slice


Organic Teas (see tea menu)

Raw Hot Chocolate 5

Smoothies 9 – See below

apple tart

Raw Desserts

Raw Cacao Brownie 3

Enjoy this addicting dessert, the perfect ending! A mix of sesame seeds, dried Turkish apricots, raw chocolate, sun flower seeds, coconut sugar and coconut oil

Raw Coconut Blondie 3

The non-chocolate version of the brownie! Made with sesame seeds , golden raisins, raw coconut flour, sun flower seeds, coconut sugar and coconut oil

Berry Jam of the Week 2

Top your brownie or blondie with our house-made berry jam, sweetened with apricots, for a berry heaven dessert

Raw Banana Soft Serve 4

Delicious banana soft serve ice cream with one topping: cacao nibs, walnuts, pecans, gojis, or raisins

Extra toppings $2 each

Raw Tart 6

Seasonal fruits or pudding in a delicious raw crust made of nuts, seeds, raisins or dates

Zen Sundae 10

Choose your favorite base: blondieor brownie, topped with banana ice cream, our house berry jam topped with cacao nibs

berry bliss smoothie


Made with organic fresh fruits, frozen in-house for these creamy blends!

Choco-Loco 9

Raw Cacao, raw almond butter, banana, and coconut blended for an enchanting chocolate-lovers favorite

Blackberry Zen 9

Experience Zen in this blend of blackberries and banana

Berry Bliss 9

Any berry available and banana blended to perfection for berry lovers

Tropical Paradise 9

The best of South Florida tropical fruits mixed together to cool you all year around: coconut, mango, and banana

Wild Blueberry 9

Wild Blueberries blended together with bananas for a simple yet delicious combination!

Blue Monkey 9

The most popular house blend with mamey, a summer tropical fruit, combined with wild blueberries and bananas. Available in the summer only

Add one of the following for $2

Maca Powder, Protein Powder, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds



We offer over 30 organic teas that can be made hot or iced.

Our Tea Menu

We accept cash and credit cards. Gift certificates available for any amount and can be used in tea lounge, store, or classes.